Detox Diet……….?

I want to go on a diet really soon. I want it to be a safe diet but a detoxing one as well. any suggestions will be great. Just fed up of my junk food diet. I have all the motivation to start a diet immediatly. Exercise programmes that could be suggested would be great as well. The reason for this is i have severe eczema and feel that it will help with that as well as getting into shape.

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3 Responses to “Detox Diet……….?”

  1. sorry, but THEY DON’T WORK! its been proven

  2. You dont necessarily have to go on a detox diet, just clean your system of junk, by eating nothing except fruit, veg, chicken/turkey/wholemeal rice/pasta.

    make sure that you only steam/microwave/grill these foods, and dont add any salt to anything.

    Also cutting out alcohol, caffeine and sugar is good, and so plenty of exercise, at least 30 mins a day.

    Good luck!

  3. My friend is a personal trainer, and he said that if I was to try a detox diet that the best way to go would be a short term fruit and vegetable diet. It cleanes you out, but it’s all natural. After doing that a week or so i lost about 6 lbs and then gradually incorporated brown rice, egg whites, chicken, nuts… but stayed away from foods like pizza, beef, fast food, boxed snacks, sugary foods ect. I continued to lose weight and had a ton of energy. good luck =)

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