Weight Loss PLEASE HELP?

Im 13 turning 14 next month and im overwieght possibly obese , im not sure
i weigh roughly 87 kg and im 5ft 11-12
I really need to loose wieght although i dont look as heavy as i actually am im really worried , it had put down my confidence and i feel like a fat lump. I done the fruit detox for a week which was EXTREMLY hard as you can only eat once peice of fruit every hour and it cant be a fruit with alot of sugar, i was wondering whether you know of any diets/detoxs of ways to loose weight. My doctor said i should weight 60-70 kg so i need to loose alot, hopefully by september when i start school.

Please no mean comments .
Thankyou . x

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4 Responses to “Weight Loss PLEASE HELP?”

  1. it’s ok you can get through this! What helped me was going to a nutritionist. its kind of like a doctor that helps you with what you eat, drink and your exercise limit. One of my tips is putting a picture of a morbidly obese person on the refrigorator and the snack cabinet so everytime you go to go get a snack, you see that and remind your self of your weight loss goal. Try getting involved into sports. They let you exercise sometimes without even knowing it! Remember, if you burn more calories than consuming you will lose weight. Just try your best and set goals for yourself, take before and after pictures as motivation!

    If you Don’t exercise, just try starting out with walking a mile a day, or something realistic like that. ALso, its EXTREMELY important to cut back on your fast food intake, and how many times you eat out in a week. Restraunt foods have hidden fats and oils that will increase weight gain.

    But don’t get down about your weight. Everyone struggles with their weight sometime in their life! its a common thing, especially among us teenagers!! And it is a long journey so dont’ get discouraged if you don’t see results in weight loss. ITs not like the biggest loser where you’re losing 20 pounds a week. Just keep you chin up and keep workin at it :)


    Cowgirl ♥ :)

  2. this damn question is always asked r use people stupid to lose weight EAT LESS FOOD MEANING DONT STUFF YOURSELF EA 5 TO 6 SMALL MEALS A DAY AND DO AROEBIC EXCERISE 30 TO 40 MINUTES EVERYDAY TA DA MAGIC NOW GO

  3. some of your weight will only be muscles or bones if in doubt a good way of loosing weight is eating celery as it burns carbohydrates and sometimes the easiest way to loose weight is just to stop easting so much meat because it produces allot of fat, it might just be that you are about to start your period unless you already have, you tend to gain weight then.
    (P.S im sure its nothing to worry about)

  4. From your age and weight, it does look like you are overweight for your age:

    The best way to loose weight at your age is not to diet but to improve your eating habits and knowledge of what you should be eating. As a rule, 13 year olds shouldn’t diet as diets often are not balanced and don’t provide you will all the vitamins and minerals your body, which is still growing, needs. From what you say, about eating fruit etc, I would say you could do with improving this knowledge as well as exercising more. Detox diets are pointless and it won’t achieve your goal and it could harm the development of your body.

    The best advice I can offer is to take up cooking – it is THE best way, to learn about food, to understand what you should be eating and get enjoyment of food and it actually helps to improve your confidence as you learn a new skill. Recipes will give you a general idea of what portion sizes you should be eating (they usually say how many a recipe is for). I hate Jamie Oliver, but he’s an easy chief to learn from and to use his cookery books if you are a beginner. If you are serious about loosing the weight, then forget fad diets and learn what you should be eating and what quantity.

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