The Easiest to Use Folding Stage

Technology continues to develop, people’s lives have gradually improved. In modern life, people have to meet the material needs of the premise of increasing emphasis on spiritual enjoyment, watch the entertainment become a popular form of entertainment. Speaking of performances, so the question is how to perform the required stage of the election? Have to say, folding stage is your best choice!


Folding stage, said directly is detachable, folding stage.

Folding stage with stage truss and platforms, its size is usually 1. 22 * 2. 44 m. The stage’s stand can be folded along the axis of pre-installed, easy to use, fast; stage used platforms directly on the card directly, setting the stage can be combined as many groups, meet your space requirement on the stage. After folding stage folded along the middle axis, occupy very little space, saving storage space and transportation is simple and quick. Folding stage is also very easy to use, simply select the desired good stage area, the folding stage one by one put together to complete the stage of building. Folding stage has become a major entertainment industry essential for the stage.

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