‘Mad Men’ Elisabeth Moss guest stars on ‘The Simpsons#8

With just starting their shooting schedule for the final (sob!) Season 7,Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale, and other cast members being busy with side projects too,4.12 discount nba jerseys, (“Peggy”) recently made a trip to the 2-D world of Springfield. In this Sunday’s episode of Moss plays a pregnant woman who gets the unlikeliest OBGYN imaginable: Homer, of course. Shudder.
In an interview with ,Postal Service and Amazon strike Sunday package de
Postal Service and Amazon strike Sunday package de
4.12 Postal Service and Amazon strike Sunday package de, Moss details some of her experiences working with the part-of-the-pop-culture landscape show and how she is humbled to be included in the guest star ranks: “It really was such a honor, honestly, and it was one of those moments in your career, like being on “Saturday Night Live” and those things that aren’t technically a part of your day job that are such a stamp of approval, you know? It’s just one of those legendary things that I’ll be able to show to my kids.”
Of course,

4.12 , anything fans can find out about “Mad Men” is a good thing, especially since it was announced (a la ) How does Moss feel about the split? She’s a fan. “I loved when “Breaking Bad” did it. I’m a huge fan of that and I thought they did it beautifully,4.12 discount football jerseys,” she says. “I never want a show to end. I didn’t want “Breaking Bad” to end, so for me as a viewer and as a fan of the show I think it’s great — we get to see more of it. We get to extend it. We get to have a little bit of a longer life.”
While we’re not sure that’s entirely true – splitting a pie into half doesn’t make more pie – more “Mad Men,” however and whenever they want to serve it, is a good thing. Of course, other than her opinion of the split season, Moss isn’t able to divulge anything that’s coming down the road: “You know I can’t say anything! I’m not even necessarily supposed to tell you I’m on the show.”
We’re pretty sure she’s still on the show.
At this point, there is no return date slated for Season 7, although Season 6′s return date of April 2013 was announced in January 2013, so maybe we’ll know more right after the holidays.

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