Concrete pump mixer on sale in india

1.With the <a href=”
concrete-mixer-pump.html”>concrete mixer pump</a> two machines combined into a machine to
move easily,strong、flexible maneuverability;
2. <a href=”
concrete-mixer-pump.html”>Concrete mixer and pump</a> drive by a worker to make staff and
save manual;
3. In order to the replacement of the concrete pistons, the join unit is scalable path
between concrete mixer and pump.
4. Diesel or motor puts in a room, scalable activities and reduce the transport link of the
horizontal dimensions;
5. The open hydraulic circuit, the <a href=”http://www.concrete-batching-”>system hydraulic</a> pressure is
lower, without easily damaged elements such as accumulator;
6. The hopper with a curved, the design of the transition, into rate is high with inhaling
7. Relays type integration electric system, simple and reliable;
8. Welding the wear plate and wear ring, but the restoration and use low cost;
9. Independence of the water cooling system, efficient;
10. Manual lubricating systems, reliable;
11.The diesel power is applicable to engineering comprehensive;
12.Mixer between rollers and friction pulley by the transmission, reliable not skid;
13.<a href=”
concrete-mixer-pump.html”>Mixing concrete pump</a> Use of profiles;
The greatest advantage of mixing concrete pump is to up efficiency. it is six times the
efficiency of mixing concrete pump than traditional mixing and concrete pump. it is well
known, concreting process is an interval cycle of course. For example:it is usually need
seven to ten days during the intervals of two floors construction. Because we must wait
until the concrete concreting last time has solidified. After having achieved strength, we
can proceed to the next step of reinforcing steel, a process template. If you is using
traditional concrete pump and mixer, you could not do anything during the period, only
stands waiting, the operating worker either rest or doing other work. This is because the
costs to move traditional concrete pump and mixer are high, and need a long time.

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