History of LV Evening Clutch bags

Any woman who is a fan of designer bags would have heard about cheap LV handbags. The story of this fashion house goes back to the mid-nineteenth century, when modernization in its true sense had just begun. At that time, anyone and everyone who could afford traveling did so. Travelling to different places became a trend and companies started realizing that they could expand to newer markets and places never gone before.

The beginning

replica 2015 Louis Vuitton bags began as a unique brand right from the start. Vuitton opened the first store in Paris, in the year 1854, by the name Louis Vuitton Malletier or Louis Vuitton Trunk Maker. The first years were devoted to developing designer trunks, with waterproof canvas. Many innovations and creations followed the first flat-topped trunk introduced by this fashion designer. Here is an interesting fact that you should know. Louis Vuitton is believed to be the most counterfeited brand in the history.

The Louis Vuitton knockoffs handbags

After the death of Louis Vuitton in the year 1892, his son Georges Vuitton expanded the business to great heights, and started the production of women’s designer bags. Vuitton went to the extent of revealing the brand to the American public at the World’s Fair in Chicago in the year 1893. Since a lot counterfeit Vuitton bags were being sold in the market, Georges came up with the Louis Vuitton logo and the classic ‘Monogram Canvas’ design.

In 1901 came the classic steamer bag, which became a cult hit in an instant. Later, after the World War 1, Vuitton came up with a series of designer handbags such as the ‘Keepall’ and the ‘Noe’ bag. The latter became an instant hit with Parisian women, paving way for the designer label to launch its foray into the world of fashion accessories for women.

The new dawn

With the death of Georges Vuitton in 1936, the fashion house was taken over by his son Gaston-cheap replica LV handbags. He steered the company into completely new directions, also modifying the ‘Monogram Canvas’ in 1959. They changed their coating methods allowing the fabrics to keep their suppleness and beauty. More, the handbags by the company are known for their strength and permeability.

Today, Vuitton has become a huge designer label for women’s designer bags along with other brands like Gucci. The handbags produced cater to the different tastes of a woman. True, many of the handbags are expensive but well, they are made for an elite class of people. A woman owning one will surely feel special.


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