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CIA activities to more overt attacks carried out by the U.S. military.

If true, that would be a welcome step. But the Obama administration has a long record of promising transparency and then embracing secrecy ? from drone strikes to legal memos to unprecedented of government officials for leaking to the news media.

Accusing Obama’s actions of falling short of his rhetoric is nothing new. His excessive embrace of secrecy, though,louboutin outlet sale,chan luu bracelets- UK lawmakers say Libor ca, is more than a case of inaction. It is a faulty policy that is a flagrant display of American hypocrisy in predominantly Muslim countries,cheap louboutin outlet, where we need public support. Muslim moderates who yearn for the rule of law are our potential allies. In the end,louboutin outlet, only they, not U.S. soldiers,chan luu bracelets Sale-Tidings of comfort and joy, have the power to eradicate militancy.

I support using drone strikes as a last resort,christian louboutin outlet sale. They have helped kill senior militants in Pakistan’s tribal areas. But targeted killing in any form is not a magic bullet.

In Pakistan, drone strikes have created a stalemate. Senior militants

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